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Smiling Dog Farms

Giving hope to the forgotten, neglected & rejected...

P.O.Box 743   Wharton, Texas 77488

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Smiling Dog Farms is a Sanctuary, not a traditional rescue.
We provide a permanent home for truly "unadoptable" dogs.
We rely on your donations to continue helping dogs.
Remember Bosco?

Our New Directions Adoption Program Finds Families for Dogs, and Dogs for Families.

A  Warm  Welcome  From  All  Of  Us.....

We STRONGLY believe that all animals have the right to live!


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Dogs That Can Be Adopted

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He’s the 6-year-old black Labrador retriever who bit a police officer in Pelham, New Hampshire, who was trying to pick him up. After two trial postponements and several months in jail, Bosco has finally had his day in court ...

Our funding comes 100%  from individuals who want to help us help dogs.  We provide a permanent home for dogs who have no one else to speak for them, and whose only other option is euthanasia.  We also provide the opportunity for adoptable dogs to find their forever homes.

Bosco >>

Although We Are a Sanctuary, We Do Adoptions Too