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Smiling Dog Farms

Giving hope to the forgotten, neglected & rejected...

P.O.Box 743   Wharton, Texas 77488

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About The Dogs At Smiling Dog Farms

Puppy's Rescue
Carson Pound Rescue

Scotty, Mickey, Cowboy, Chipito and April were ALL scheduled to be killed at the Carson Pound in Los Angeles because ONE of them was involved in a dog-on-human bite. They belonged to Jose Alvarado who contacted Bound Angels and all 5 were rescued. April was allowed to be returned to Jose and the 4 boys were sent to Smiling Dog Farms in Texas. This is a moving story of a grassroots effort and the dedication of a man challenged by the system yet determined to save his dogs.

We Have No Restrictions...

We do not limit the kinds of dogs that can come here.  Dogs of any breed, any age, any behavioral or medical issue are welcome.  We do not “evaluate” dogs before accepting them. We accept dogs who have failed evaluations at shelters and rescues elsewhere.

How Do We Decide Who Comes Here?

We have only a few criteria for dogs that come here:

1) A dog that is considered unadoptable by a legitimate rescue organization for any reason,

2) A dog at a shelter who is out of time, out of options, and is facing euthanasia, or

3) A dog that, through no fault of its own, has lost its home and has no where else to go.


Do You Know a Dog Who Should Come Live Here?

Please review our Intake Procedure and then contact us at

Or please feel free to call us at 979-257-3377 or toll free at 877-975-0914.

The following video is the story of Puppy, a beautiful but misunderstood German Shepherd Dog held in isolation for 14 months. This rescue is powerful and thought provoking. It shows how improper handling can be deadly to a dog. It shows the story of perseverance and dedication. It shows the power of pushing through to save ONE life. This rescue would not have been possible without the wonderful work of Smiling Dog Farms.

There is no such thing as a gift too small!

We have all heard that before, and there is a reason, it is completely true! Even a monthly gift of $5.00 helps greatly to support one of these dogs.

YOU Can Help